2018 Educational Seminar

Saturday, October 17, 2018 at 9:30am
Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce (see directions)
445 Commerce Green Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77478

RSVP to or (281) 275-2969

Bearden Coleman

The Birth and Influence of Italian Neorealism

Presenter: Bearden Coleman

After World War 2, Italian filmmakers radically changed film language as it was widely used around the world. By emphasizing stories of the common man, casting non-actors, and shooting on-location, filmmakers of this movement—known as Italian Neorealism— challenged traditional approaches to cinematic time and plot. This seminar will look at the technological, historical, and political factors that shaped such neorealist masterworks as Rome, Open City, Bicycle Thieves, and Umberto D.

Bearden Coleman is Associate Professor of Cinema, Media Arts, and Writing at Houston Baptist University. He has written about film, music, adoption, running, and mental health for Image JournalThe Porch Magazine, Christianity TodayWorld Magazine, and Christ and Pop Culture. His research is concerned with the relationship between the film experience and religious experience. At film conferences at Harvard University and Baylor University, he has pursued this connection by looking at the intersection of film style, film content, and reception space.

Craig Busch Head Shot

From Experience: Executing Film Shoots in the Region

Presenter: Craig Busch

With over 28 years in Texas film business, Sugar Land resident Craig Busch specializes in location scouting/management and unit still photography. Craig will speak about special projects that have taken place in the region with a particular focus on the inner workings of film production and logistics. Logistics can be a complex yet essential aspect of film production including scouting locations, shooting rights, parking areas, police presence, traffic control. Recent work includes ABC Photo, Fox TV, and many independent films.

Mario Giacco al lavoro

The Sounds Makers: The Role of the Foley in Cinema

Presenter: Mario Giacco

Sound effects are a fundamental part of a movie: sometimes they are digitally creations while others are physical sound performances, but they are always the result of a deep research combined with creativity and passion. Since 2007, the job of a Foley artist has been considered a craft and an art form, according to the Italian State Council 207/07, which officially gave artists ownership of the rights connected to the copyrights. For the first time in 2017 several prestigious Italian film festivals have bestowed awards to Foley artists, including the Festival del Cinema di Spello ed i Borghi Umbri, David di Donatello; and the David di Donatello Premio Nazionale La Pellicola d'Oro.

Mario Giacco is a Foley artist and supervisor within the Italian film industry. Giacco is a delegate of the Associazione Creatori di Suoni (ACS), also known as the Sounds Creator Association. This organization represents nearly all of the Italian sound effects creators, also called Foley artists.

Member of the Sounds Creators Association, Mario Giacco is a well-respected and well-known Foley artist in the Italian cinema scene. His professional career began when he attended the State School for Cinematography and Television and back in 1965 where he obtained the diploma of sound stage editor. For eleven years he worked as a sound editor assistant and sound stage editor in numerous Italian film productions. At the same time, he collaborates as sound effects and sound surrounding editor for the Foley artist  Tonino Cacciottolo, one of the precursors of this artistic sector. In 1976, given the appreciation he received for his role as sound effects and sound surrounding editor, Mario Giacco decided to devote himself exclusively to the profession of sound designer, specializing above all, in the process of "room sounds". "The passion and love for this work", says Mario Giacco today, “means that even now that I'm over 70, I still want to continue to work".

He worked in about 150 films and from 1976 to today in several TV series, working with great Italian film directors. Among the many "Torneranno i prati" and "Il mestiere delle armi" by Ermanno Olmi, "La tenerezza" by Gianni Amelio, "Saturday, Sunday, Monday" by Lina Wertmuller and important TV series such as "Bastardi di Pizzo falcone" and "Rocco Schiavone".